Properties and YOU

We have introduced the knowledge on how to buy properties with different Methods.

Properties and YOU Membership have More than 20 Plus Lessons, that will help you understand Many Amazing Processes.

What is Properties and YOU?

Properties and YOU was created to help you look and think different then normal Real Estate Purchases. We have Developed and Introduced How To Methods, of buying properties with Little to No Money. We Provide you the know how to Create Opportunities to Buy Properties NOW. Why wait to save Your Deposit?



Most People Spend Years to Saving up their deposit to buy a HOUSE.
This is Such Waste of Time and Great Potential Deals.
While you are saving every month, Houses are often increasing in value faster than you can save.
How would it change your Plan of buying houses and investments if you knew:

HOW TO buy Properties NOW with Little to No Money?
IF You Knew HOW TO make Money when you buying your house?
IF You Knew HOW TO Buy several Properties Per Year?
IF You Knew HOW TO become a Property Millionaire?

What you Get In This Course?

Properties and YOU Membership Contains More than 20 Lesson on Properties and Many Extra Bounce as well. See Listed Below

Bounce Webinar
(Ultimate Achievement System)

Ultimate Achievement System of Hypnosis, (Programming Your Success Character Traits and Automate your Phycho Cybernetics to Achievement.

Extra Bounce

YOUR Commitment to ReCreate Yourself, Business & Income

"I AM" - Affirmations - Prayers - Meditation - Auto-Suggestions


The Miracles of P.A.R. to Create WEALTH Destroy Self Defeating Behaviour

YOUR Goal Mind to A Gold Mine - Its ALL In Your Mind

The Magic of ReCreating Your Self Image and Self-Expectations

How Cool Is It To ReCreate Yourself Cause and Effect

Your Bucket List - Life YOU Always Wanted

The TOTALLY New Breakthrough to Prosperity -MIND POWER Session

Money Mind Set for Passive Incomes

Discover Your X Factor to Attract Wealth and Success FAST


Douglas McCoy

The ReCreation King

About Host

Doug McCoy is Known as the ReCreation King by many. Douglas McCoy is an Entrepreneur that loves Buying Houses and doing Property Deals. Douglas Started Buying Houses when he was 24 and has bought or traded over 60 Properties. Due to necessity, he has learn the ART and Skills and Techniques of Buying Properties with Little to NO Money. In One year he was able to buy 20 Properties and Create 3 Million Dollars in Profits and buy a World-Wide Telecommunications Company. Douglas is the Author of 23 Books and over 150 Recorded Training Programs. The Principal of Australasian Success Academy. Douglas has developed a Millionaire Mind Magnet Program as his Gift to the World to help people Get their heads Rights to Attract world and Prosperity into their lives. Read More

How to Become a Property Millionaire

How to Become a Property Millionaire

How to Buy Several Properties Per Year: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Buy Several Properties Per Year: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Money When Buying Your House in Australia

How to Make Money When Buying Your House in Australia

About US

Properties and YOU are a Real Estate Training Institute set up to Teach, Train and Educate our Students to be able to:

Buy a House/Houses NOW.
Buy between 1 to 10 Properties Per Year, using multiple Creative methods of Purchase.
We Educate our students on how to buy with little to no Money.
We Teach our Student how to think outside the Box.
We Desire our students to become Millionaire Mind Magnet’s.

See what our clients are saying about us

More Customer Love

Thank you for the seminar you presented for the prisoners at Silverwater Prison. Many of them had never had an experience like that before, and were talking about it for days afterwards. You gave them ideas that could benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Ken Renni

Department of Corrective Service

We thank you for your service to us as home teachers and friends. We enjoy our companionship with you and enjoy the time you take to involve our entire family in your home teaching visits.

John W. Biddle


I have attended some of Doug’s motivation and business presentations which have always been well prepared and presented with a high degree of enthusiasm and credibility. Doug’s moral standards and conduct have been above reproach and commendable at all times.

Stephen C. Webster

The Trust Chambers

THE Only Business Guide
YOU'LL Ever Need

Millionaire Mind Magnet is one of the Fastest growing business and personal development success training company in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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+61 481 457 005

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