As a property investor, the Australian real estate market offers a wealth of opportunities to create wealth and build a passive income stream. One popular strategy among investors is to develop multiple properties and keep one for free. In this guide, we will explore how you can develop four properties and keep one for free in Australia, while also highlighting related resources from Properties and You to help you on your journey.

1. Research and Select the Ideal Location

The first step in any successful property development project is selecting the right location. Research various areas in Australia, taking into account factors like population growth, infrastructure projects, and local amenities. Ideally, you should choose an area with strong rental demand and potential for capital growth. Our blog post on Top Australian Property Investment Locations can help you get started with your research.

2. Acquire a Suitable Development Site

Once you have identified a promising location, the next step is to find a development site that meets your requirements. Look for a site that can accommodate four properties, preferably with zoning that allows for higher-density development. Also, consider sites that offer the potential to add value through subdivision or property improvements. Learn more about this process in our article on How to Find Distressed Property.

3. Secure Financing and Develop a Feasible Project Plan

Before moving forward with your development, ensure you have adequate financing in place to cover the costs of acquiring the land, construction, and other related expenses. Consult with a mortgage broker or financial advisor to explore various financing options, such as development loans, joint ventures, or leveraging equity from other properties. For more insights into financing strategies, read our blog post on How to Buy Property with Little to No Money.

With financing secured, develop a project plan outlining the construction timeline, budget, and key milestones. This plan should include the type of properties you intend to build (e.g., townhouses, detached homes, or duplexes), target rental returns, and potential sale prices for each property.

4. Assemble Your Development Team

A successful property development project relies on a team of experienced professionals. Your development team should include architects, builders, engineers, surveyors, and project managers. They will help ensure that your project adheres to local regulations and guidelines while delivering the desired outcomes. You can find tips on assembling your team in our article on How to Multiply Your Rental Income.

5. Manage the Construction and Development Process

As the project progresses, closely monitor the construction timeline, budget, and quality of work. Regularly liaise with your development team to address any issues and ensure that the project remains on track. Be prepared to make adjustments to the plan as necessary and maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders involved. Our blog post on How to Negotiate for Huge Profits provides valuable advice on managing relationships during the development process.

6. Market and Sell Three of the Four Properties

As the construction nears completion, begin marketing the properties for sale. Engage a real estate agent with experience in selling new developments in the local market. Work closely with the agent to create an effective marketing strategy, set appropriate sale prices, and attract potential buyers. The proceeds from the sale of these three properties should cover your development costs, enabling you to keep the fourth property for free.

6. Retain and Manage the Fourth Property as an Investment

With three properties sold, you can now retain the fourth property as a long-term investment. This property should provide a regular rental income and potentially appreciate in value over time, contributing to your wealth-building strategy. To maximize your returns, consider implementing the strategies outlined in our blog post on How to Make Millions of Dollars (PA) Using Rent to Buy.


Developing four properties and keeping one for free is an achievable goal in the Australian property market. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the resources available on Properties and You, you can navigate the development process with confidence and ultimately add a valuable property to your investment portfolio at no cost.

To recap, here are the key steps to develop four properties and keep one for free in Australia:

  • Research and select the ideal location.
  • Acquire a suitable development site.
  • Secure financing and develop a feasible project plan.
  • Assemble your development team.
  • Manage the construction and development process.
  • Market and sell three of the four properties.
  • Retain and manage the fourth property as an investment.

As you embark on your property development journey, keep in mind that ongoing education and support are crucial for success. Stay informed about the latest industry trends, network with other investors, and continuously update your knowledge by reading our Blog and accessing the wealth of resources available on Properties and You.

By following this guide and leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals, you can turn your property development dreams into reality and secure your financial future in the process.

Frequently Ask Question

Is this strategy suitable for beginner property investors?

While this strategy can be lucrative, it may be more suitable for investors with some prior experience in property development or investment. However, beginner investors can still succeed with this strategy if they build a strong support network and educate themselves on the various aspects of property development.

How long does it typically take to develop four properties and keep one for free?

The timeline for this strategy can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the development, approval processes, and market conditions. Generally, it may take anywhere from 12 to 24 months from acquiring the development site to completing the construction and selling three of the properties.

Can I use this strategy in any location in Australia?

While this strategy can potentially work in many locations across Australia, it is crucial to choose an area with strong rental demand and potential for capital growth. Conduct thorough research to ensure the selected location aligns with your investment objectives.

What are the potential risks associated with this strategy?

Some potential risks involved in this strategy include cost overruns, construction delays, changes in market conditions, and difficulty selling properties. To mitigate these risks, it is essential to have a well-thought-out project plan, a strong development team, and a clear understanding of the local market.

How can I ensure that the properties will sell at a price that allows me to keep the fourth one for free?

To maximize your chances of achieving this outcome, work closely with a local real estate agent who has experience in selling new developments. Conduct market research to set appropriate sale prices and develop an effective marketing strategy to attract potential buyers.

What types of properties are best suited for this strategy?

The ideal property type will depend on the local market, zoning regulations, and the preferences of your target buyers. Common property types for this strategy include townhouses, detached homes, and duplexes. It’s crucial to consider the preferences of your target market when choosing the property type.

Can I use a property management company to manage the fourth property I keep as an investment?

Yes, hiring a property management company can be an excellent option for investors who prefer a hands-off approach to managing their investment property. Property management companies can handle tenant selection, rent collection, and property maintenance, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your investment portfolio.

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